Thame COP 26

Increasing biodiversity, reducing emissions, in our town.

Thame COP 26 is our local version of the global climate summit, Glasgow COP 26.

During the first two weeks of November 2021 the Glasgow 'Conference of the Parties' brought leaders from every country together in a united effort to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss. Thame COP 26 invites the 'parties' of Thame: businesses, schools, faith organisations and groups, to do the same.

- So far over 50 organisations have 'joined the parties' and committed to specific actions to reduce emissions and increase biodiversity. 

- The first COP Social in March brought many of the parties together for the first time and was a roaring success!

- Thame COP has requested that a senior environmental staff role be established at the Town Council to support Thame's environmental effort. 

-  A grant from 'Together for our Planet' has been secured to train COP Researchers and connect Thame to a community on the frontline of climate change. 

- Chinnor COP, our sibling campaign in Thame's neigbouring village of Chinnor, is gaining momentum. 

You can read the full Thame COP story (so far) here: Thame COP story. Please email if you would like to get involved.

This week's featured organisation

To see commitments made by all businesses, faith groups, schools and other organisations that are taking part, go to the commitments gallery. 

Bucksum Farm Shop

Bucksum Farm Shop

Commited to planting 50 fruit trees, and designing even more efficient delivery routes before March 2022. They will also plant 70 more trees in 2022 and continue their young growers group to share skills with future generations. 

Have achieved planting 42 mixed fruit trees & pollinators, to act as windbreaks, for biodiversity & for future cropping. Ordered another 60 trees for the autumn & planted some hazel & willow in hedgerow gaps. Are also developing a woodchip heating system for their propagating tunnel to compliment the wind & solar off grid propagation box. Are further developing a compost system which already takes in spent hops from XT Brewery & their own green waste

Bucksum Farm Shop

Bucksum Farm Shop